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Automobile tire installation

Maximum rim size* Inch
Price, not including sales tax (Customer pays you directly)
Mounting tire, including new valve and balancing*
  • Tire size: 13''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 14''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 15''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 16''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 17''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 18''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 19''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 20''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 21''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 22''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 23''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 24''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)
  • Tire size: 25''
$ (We recommend 10.00 $)

Tire disposal fee $
Mounting alloy rims is extra* $
Installing tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)
Do you have TPMS programming devices? If yes, what brand?
With an OBD connector cable?
What sensors do you use?
Fee: Changing tyres with TPMS
Simple switch, wheel and tyre packages with sensor activation
Fee: Mounting new tyres with TPMS
Without TPMS, service only for mounting and sensor activation
Fee: Activating pre-fitted tyres (wheel and tyre packages) with TPMS
Sensor activation only, wheels already mounted

Motorcycle Tires

We install motorcycle tires:
Please fill out the next three fields only if you install motorcycle tires.
Price, not including sales tax (Customer pays you directly)
For demounting and mounting of the wheel and tire, including new valve and balancing: from to $ (We recommend $ 12.00)
Tire disposal fee $
We balance motorcycle tires
I offer to remove and mount wheels on motorcycles, cars and bicycles.
Wheel removing/mounting price, not including sales tax Front wheel $ Rear wheel $
Depends on motorcycle make and will be calculated according to labor time
Maximum rim size Inch

Truck Tires

We install truck tires
Please fill out the next three fields only if you install truck tires
Price, not including sales tax (Customer pays you directly)
Mounting tire, including new valve and balancing $ We recommend 15.00 $
Tire disposal fee $
Maximum rim size Inch
Do you provide mobile service for truck tires?

Other services

I also install run flat tyres
Price per tire $
I also offer a tire washing service:
Price per tire $
We also offer a rim-wash service
Price per tire $
We also offer complete wheel wash
Price per tire $
Pick up and return service for tires
Price per tire $
In what mile-radius? miles
Complete wheel installation
Complete wheel mounting $
We offer wheel alignment
Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles: $
Do you offer oil changes for tires-easy customers?
Do you also offer to install spare parts for tires-easy customers?
The hourly rate is worked out following manufacturer's guidelines based on EleCat repair shop catalogs. Our hourly rate including sales tax $
All prices do not include cost of materials (e.g. oil filter) and any extra work involved
Professional storage of 4 passenger car tires per season:
Complete wheel mounting $

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