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Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 205/55 R16 91V 4PR SBL


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Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125

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Tyre size:205/55 R16 91V change
Type of Tyre: Summer tyres
4PR PR = Ply-Rating
PR is an old abbreviation for the number of the carcase layers on an enforced tyre and used to symbolize the load capacity. E.g. an 8PR tyre has a higher load capacity than a 6PR tyre.
Nowadays we use the load index symbol (LI).
SBL Special design of the sidewall lettering, hatched/serrated black letters. (Serrated Black Lettering / Letters)
Customer Reviews:
EU Tyre Label:Roll resistance C Wet grip A Noise emissions B71 dB
part number (sku):
Item No.:R-301570
Speed Index:V: this tyre is approved for speeds up to 149 mph/240 km/h allowed.
Test results Profile Ventus Prime 3 K125:
AUTO BILD 03/2021 (german)
ADAC 02/2021 (german)
ÖAMTC 02/2021 (german)
ANWB.nl 02/2021 (dutch)
TCS - Technik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft 02/2021 (german)
Auto Zeitung 02/2020 (german)
ACE Auto Club Europa 02/2020 (german)
ÖAMTC 02/2020 (german)
ANWB.nl 02/2020 (dutch)
TCS - Technik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft 02/2020 (german)

Wide 4 channel grooves: provides superior wet performance through rapid drainage.

Optimised design for specific grooves by position: All groove depths are designed by their position for optimized stiffness.

Enhanced tread block stiffness: by applying an optimized design technology the actual contact area ratio is increased and stiffness improved.

Optimised new profile: The optimized profile ensure the best tyre performance in high-speed driving conditions.

Groove chamfer: The contact are is widened instantaneously when braking by groove chamfer.

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Tyre label / efficiency classes

Label: C-A-71
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